Top 10 Luxury Handbag Brands in India 2020

By Fashion Freebird Staff
Last Updated On November 13, 2020
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Handbags are one of the most influential fashion accessories. Your choice in handbags is an integral part of your overall style
Handbags are one of the most influential fashion accessories. Your choice in handbags is an integral part of your overall style statement and makes you stand out in a crowd. Fashion enthusiasts love to own a variant collection of stylish handbags each featured for a special occasion. On the other hand, many thrifty women prefer having only one or two luxury handbags that suit all occasions.

10 Best Luxury Handbag Brands in India

Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or a thrifty person, you should choose a handbag with a stylish and sturdy design every time. To help you out in this regard, we have constructed a list of top 10 best luxury handbag brands in India. All these brands are widely recognized names in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Each one of these high-end brands is known for its creative design and an exclusive collection of luxury handbags. Now we will review these brands one by one to give you a better idea about what these brands offer to you.
Baggit is one of the most popular and trustworthy brand names in the fashion industry. Founded by Nina Lekhi in 1990, Baggit is well known in India for offering luxury handbags at affordable prices. The vegan brand uses non-leather, synthetic material to make all its handbags and other luggage accessories.
You will always find a Baggit handbag with a perfect mix of class, style, and elegance. Their sophisticated design and abstract print complement each other to give you a dapper look. These stylish handbags are available in different sizes and designs. You can select a Baggit handbag from a wide range of appealing and vibrant colors.
Da Milano is one of India’s leading fashion brands and has been manufacturing high-quality leather products for more than 60 years. The veteran brand sells a variety of handbags, travel bags, portfolio bags, wallets, and other leather accessories. Da Milano handbags come in different creative and enduring styles including baguettes, slings, bucket bags, etc.
Sturdy designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology of these luxury handbags promises you comfort, style, and longevity. Da Milano has introduced various new styles and trends in the market to keep the standard high among its competitors. These stylish handbags with latest designs are available in a variety of attractive and fascinating colors.
Lavie is not a very old lifestyle brand as compared to other names on our list. Established merely 10 years ago, the emerging brand has already built trust with thousands of its customers. Lavie helps women to make a loud style statement with its premium quality handbags and footwear.
Lavie loves to introduce new trends in the world of fashion with its innovative designs. The latest collection from Lavie features a variety of luxury handbags including slings, clutches, totes, hobos, baguettes, and much more. You can select a Lavie handbag of your choice from a wide range of colors, sizes, patterns, and fabrics.
Hidesign and its founder, Dilip Kapur is a noteworthy success story. The veteran brand started with a two-man leather workshop in 1978 and currently, sells its products in over 2000 stores worldwide. Hidesign offers stylish and sturdy handbags, made with its high-quality leather, and featuring solid brass fittings.
Hidesign has designed these trendy handbags for fashion-forward women who prefer genuine leather to any other synthetic material. These durable and long-lasting handbags are available in numerous attractive colors that reflect a soft smooth glow in your hands. You can choose a specific style from the clutch, sling, messenger bag, and much more.
Esbeda is one of the leading brand names in India’s fashion and lifestyle industry. Intouch Leather House launched this high-end brand in 2006. Esbeda promises to spell luxury, style, and elegance in handbags and other leather accessories. The fashion-forward brand has introduced many new designs in recent years to withstand the ever-changing market trends.
Esbeda sells its trendy and modish handbags under different categories to suit every occasion. The latest collection of luxury handbags from Esbeda includes various styles such as a sling, tote, clutch, and so on. These stylish bags feature solid colors, floral motifs, metallic hues, embellishments, and many other designs and patterns.
Caprese is a well-known fashion and lifestyle brand, owned by India’s largest luggage manufacturer company, VIP Industries. The masstige brand is inspiring women’s style and fashion with an unblemished, free spirit. Caprese offers a broad range of handbags and other luggage accessories to manifest this free-spirited culture.
The latest collection of handbags from Caprese includes many trendy styles such as sling, tote, hobo, wallet, and much more. Caprese has made these fashion-forward handbags with aesthetic sense, sleek cuts, and an indulgent voice to suit different occasions. Every Caprese handbag has its own exclusive style testament to appeal to women with different tastes of style and fashion.
Lino Perros is one of the fastest-growing fashion retail brands, selling since 1990. SAPL Group has established this masstige brand to sell luxury fashion accessories for reasonable costs. Lino Perros offers a variety of structured and lightweight handbags that combine elegance with ease. These trendy, fashion-forward handbags bring a different aura to every girl.
Their leather alike material, sturdy hardware, and polished texture make them a premium choice for fashion enthusiasts. The newest collection of stylish and durable handbags from Lino Perros includes various clutches, sling bags, satchels, hobos, cross body bags, and much more. All of these styles are available in a wide range of appealing and vibrant colors.
Based in Gurugram, the House of Tara has been selling with a single objective of enhancing the connection between manufacturers and customers. The brand has accomplished itself as one of India’s most sought-after fashion accessories brands over a period of two decades. The House of Tara offers a broad collection of handbags including clutches, totes, cross body, messenger bags, and much more.
The fashion-forward brand keeps on surprising the fashion industry with its innovative designs. These trendy designs with a variety of vibrant colors are wildly popular among the youth of India. Young fashion enthusiasts love to exchange stylish and luxury handbags from the House of Tara as precious gifts with each other.
Ladida is one of India’s most ethical fashion accessories brand that was founded in 2001. The vegan brand has revolutionized the women’s fashion industry by offering luxurious synthetic leather handbags and other luggage accessories. These stylish handbags allow you to show status, shoulder a trend or sling a statement effortlessly.
Ladida handbags are a classic combination of style and elegance that make you stand out in a crowd. These modish and trendy handbags come in various appealing and spectacular colors. Ladida handbag collection includes some ultra-gorgeous styles such as clutches, hobos, satchels, buckets, sling bags, messenger bags, and so on.
Founded in 2010, Peperone has established itself as one of India’s leading brand names in the world of fashion and lifestyle. The debonair brand offers quite an extensive range of handbags for daily use and special occasions. These luxury handbags feature progressive styles and provide you exemplary comfort.
The newest handbags collection from Peperone includes some free-spirited styles including clutches, totes, cross body bags, and much more. All of these modish handbags are available in a variety of exquisite and vibrant colors. You can choose a Peperone handbag size from the small, medium, or large that suits your overall look best.
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