Top 10 Women’s Sports Shoes Brands in India 2020

By Fashion Freebird Staff
Last Updated On November 13, 2020
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Modern Indian women are taking part and asserting themselves in sports and field games as never before.
Modern Indian women are taking part and asserting themselves in sports and field games as never before. These enthusiastic women always need a pair of shoes that can bring comfort and safety to their feet. Other than professional athletes, a woman who cares about her fitness should also have a pair of trendy sports shoes. She may require athletic footwear during work out in the gym, running, or occasional hiking.

Key Features of Comfortable and Style-forward Sports Shoes

In this blog post, we will discuss those comfort and safety features that can affect the performance of running or other sports shoes. We will also share the list of 10 best women’s sports shoes brand later in this post. Talking about the key features of sports shoes, you should look for a porous upper, cushioned midsole, and non-slip outsole. A porous upper keeps your feet breathable and helps to eliminate organic odor during your run or workout. Midsole cushioning ensures a perfect fit for a versatile and flexible run. The slip-resistant outsole offers improvised grip and control on a rough track that allows you to run smooth and fast.

10 Best Women’s Sports Shoes Brands in India

Now we will review the top 10 best brands in sports and athletic footwear. These trendy brands are worldwide popular and offer a wide range of running and training shoes for the Indian athletic lifestyle market. In this article, we have discussed a brief history and prominent features of each brand. Read these blog entries carefully to help yourself in the selection of a new pair of stylish and comfortable sports shoes.

1. Nike

Nike is a well-known and highly acclaimed brand name in the world of fashion and lifestyle. The American based multinational corporation is the largest supplier of luxury sportswear in the world. Nike offers an exciting range of women’s sports shoes that you can wear while running on the track, training in the gym, and so on.
Nike is trying its best to reduce waste and lower its global carbon footprint by using recycled leather fiber as its primary source material. Likewise, state-of-the-art fabrication technology and sloes with exemplary cushioning make Nike sports shoes exceptionally breathable and long-lasting.

2. Adidas

Adidas has been leading the European market in the sportswear industry for decades. Germany based multinational corporation has a significant presence in the Indian footwear market as well. Adidas offers a broad collection of women’s luxury sports shoes for running, workout, field sports, etc.
Adidas designs its shoes to offer you precise support and a stock-like lift. A lightweight, cushioned midsole and the hard-working continental outsole complement each other to provide an exceptional grip to your feet. Likewise, a stretchable, seamless upper mesh provides your feet with remarkable comfort and flexibility. On the other hand, the adaptive upper knit molds itself accordingly, allowing you to run freely.

3. Puma

Puma is the third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Headquartered in Germany, the trendy brand is famous for an exciting range of athletic footwear, apparel, and other accessories. Puma has won thousands of new customers in India by launching a new sportswear brand, one8, in collaboration with the nation’s sports icon Virat Kohli.
The modish brand offers a broad collection of stylish and comfortable women’s sports footwear for running, training, and competitive sports. Puma designs its sports shoes to provide a supportive fit and limitless potential of running fit. Puma keeps its design radically simple with a cushioned midsole, a supportive outsole, and a light, airy upper mesh.

4. Under Armour

Under Armour is a worldwide popular brand, known for its game-changing sports apparel and athletic footwear. The American company claims to offer the most comfortable and versatile collection of women’s sports shoes. The latest UA HOVR technology promises zero-gravity feel, allowing you to run, work out, and play with a lot of ease of comfort.
Under Armour athletic footwear features lightweight, breathable upper mesh and a foam padding for an exceptionally comfortable fit and feel. Likewise, the added cushioning in the midsole enables free-spirited, energized running. On the other hand, extended arch support and the outsole with the superior traction of Under Armour shoes offer necessary protection and safety.

5. Reebok

Reebok is one of the oldest sportswear brands that have a reputation of making retro and versatile sneakers. The American-inspired global brand has a deep fitness heritage and offers a broad range of running, training, and other sports shoes. Adidas acquired Reebok in 2005 and it has been selling as its subsidiary since then.
Reebok designs its sportswear with the motive to provide you an amplified boost and stitched-in reinforcement. Reebok shoes feature a cushioned insole and a breathable upper mesh to keep your feet secure and comfortable. Likewise, the non-slip outsole of these low-profile shoes encourages the natural movement on any surface.

6. Skechers

Skechers is one of the global leaders in lifestyle and performance footwear. The North American athletic footwear brand enriches its shoes with many luxuries attributes such as style, comfort, innovation, quality, and value. A recent collection of Skechers women’s sports shoes features the latest arch fit technology.
This advanced technology allows a woman to run, work out, or perform other fitness activities with an enhanced level of comfort and protection. Mesh fabric upper of Skechers footwear provides breathability and relaxation to your feet during those long tracks. Likewise, their cushioned insole and slip-resistant traction outsole complement each other to enable safe and hassle-free movement.

7. Fila

Fila is one of the most sought-after casual and sportswear brands. Currently headquartered in South Korea, the innovative brand has been selling sneakers and other comfortable sports shoes for more than 100 years. Fila specially builds these stylish and durable shoes for outdoor, gym, running, and other physical activities.
Fila’s EVERGRIND outsole technology reduces wear and tear over time providing Fila footwear exemplary longevity. Likewise, DLS Phylon midsole cushioning technology offers maximum absorption and energy return to deliver exceptional comfort and softness in every step. On the other hand, Fila EVERGRIP outsole technology maintains a supportive grip for takeoff during running.

8. Asics

Asics is a popular Japanese lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of athletic footwear and sports equipment. The latest collection of sports shoes from Asics features running, training, and shoes for other outdoor sports activities. Asics has designed this trendy sportswear to offer perfect fit and ultimate comfort.
Asics running shoes feature a premium mesh upper that adapts to the movement of your foot, providing more room at the forefront for an exemplary comfortable ride. Asics make its athletic footwear with the latest technology that maintains minimal energy and offers superior shock absorption for a smooth and speedy run.

9. Brooks

Brooks is one of the leading brands in athletic footwear and accessories. The American brand is the most famous for its wide range of running shoes including road, trail, racing flats, and spikes. Brooks has designed these running shoes for enthusiastic runners who are looking for a perfect blend of support, flexibility, and reliability.
Brooks focuses on making you able to run better and faster than yesterday. A new streamlined, engineered mesh upper provides the best, modernized fit. Midsole with soft, balanced cushioning adapts to your every stride and makes your running extremely comfortable. An improved ankle support mechanism ensures a safe and secure run by reducing injury scare.

10. New Balance

New Balance is an American lifestyle brand, well known for its luxury sports footwear and fitness accessories. The veteran athletic footwear brand offers a variety of women’s sports shoes that are perfect for track, trail, and road. New Balance running shoes feature lightweight cushioning and minimal style that makes them perfect for running, workout, or any other physical activity.
The latest midsole cushioning of New Balance sports shoes offers versatile and flexible support to your foot. Likewise, their breathable, engineered mesh keeps your feet relaxed and comfortable during long trails. On the other hand, ground contact EVA outsole with rubber pods offers an exceptional grip and control.
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